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New arrival:Gooloo GP200


Input 15V/1A
Output  5V/2A;5V/1A;12V/10A
Capacity 20800mAh
Starting Current: 350A
Peak Current: 1000A
Size: 186*93*42(mm)
Weight: 650g
Operating Temp. -20℃~60℃/-4℉~140℉
Lifetime >1000 cycles
Full Charging Time Hours
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New arrival GOOLOO 1000A Car Jump Starter GP200 are launched.
It’s a breakthrough that we have a jump starter with more than 20000mah capacity but not extend the size.
In fact, there are car jump starters in 10000-18000 mah most in the current market. Since the larger battery capacity, consequently it would be in larger size. So it’s impossible that some of venders mark more than 50000mah capacity on a portable car jump starter. We note the real parameter after our testing.
We use inner intelligent protection to avoid any dangers when using our products. LCD display could accurately show you the remaining power, and the status of the car jump starter.
How to use this Gooloo GPower200?
1. Make sure it is over 60% charged. If have not use it more than two months, should charge it first.
2. Turn on it and connect the red clamp to "+", the black clamp to "-" end of the battery.
3. Start your car directly when the display show :”Jump start ready”. 
4. If failed,check the clamp and the power of GP200,then try again to start the car.
5. Unplug the jumper cables from the jump starter within 30 seconds, and remove the clamps from your car battery.
Enjoy our new car jump starter.



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